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Report Code: ET-113     Pages: 531

The study set out to find the extent to which carbon nanotubes are being actively
researched for new products, and by how many companies. The author found that
there are about 160 companies worldwide, which are pursuing the manufacture of
various forms of nanocarbon. There are more than 1,000 companies and
institutions that are developing, or producing products, which incorporate carbon
Feb 2011
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Report Code: ET-110     Pages: 444

The “Digital Age” is very much the “Age of Nanofabrication.” At 1976 transistor prices, an IPod® would cost 3.2 billion dollars, according to Applied Material calculations. That fact highlights the importance of lithography at the nanoscale, as it it the technology that makes printing millions of transistors in a space measured in less than a few square inches possible and affordable.
Nov 2009
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Report Code: FT-102     Pages: 107

The study is intended to benefit the existing manufacturers of food and beverage packaging who seek to expand revenues and market opportunities.
Jul 2009
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Report Code: EN-101     Pages: 165

Nanostructured or nano-enabled batteries are a new generation of lithium-ion batteries and battery systems to serve applications and markets outside the historical domain of lithium-ion.
Feb 2009
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