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Publish Date: Jan 2011,   Pages: 108,   Report Code: PL-113
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Plastics Custom Research Services (PCRS) is a leading authority on the evolution of the domestic and global rotational molding marketplace. In 1995 PCRS researched and published the first comprehensive economic/technical analysis of the North American rotomolding business, tracking the growth dynamic from its origins up through the decade of the 1990s. It has updated that inaugural report 4 times since, most recently in 2008.


Responding to the growing demand among OEM buyers and their plastic part design engineers for information on this uniquely versatile and cost-effective process, PCRS now makes available the first comprehensive directory of companies in North America with custom, proprietary or captive rotomolding operations. We have drawn from several resources to put this directory together – the PCRS database, the Plastics News rankings of rotomolders, the membership of several plastics industry groups, consultants to the regional rotomolding business, personal contacts across the region, and the internet. 


This directory provides detailed profiles of 371 regional rotomolders operating 438 plants in the United States, Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rico. In virtually every case there was telephone communication with a key official to confirm the status and nature of the company’s operations. Each company profile contains the following information:


  • address of company headquarters and plant(s)
  • company website and phone #
  • nature of company operations (custom, proprietary, captive or a combination of these)
  • major markets addressed, application specialty(ies), future market focus
  • recent annual sales
  • key official with email or phone contact information


The directory includes an introductory section as well as appendices summarizing the information gathered and placing it in the context of the recent (2000-2010) evolution of this business and going forward. It identifies companies specializing in key rotomolding applications. It also provides a geographical breakdown of rotomolders by country and by state, province or administrative division. 


This directory provides invaluable data and insights for companies across the regional rotational molding business – rotomolders, material and machinery suppliers, roto mold-makers, rotomolding market research analysts and consultants, financial analysts, plastic part design engineers, and OEMs exploring the rotomolding option and seeking information on rotomolders in their area with expertise in specific markets and applications.

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